All guitars, most of the time

As many of you may have noticed – and certainly any of you who have seen us live! – we  are a  fairly guitar-heavy band. Of the six of us, three are guitarists; Joe on lead guitar, Sheila on rhythm and Vernon swapping between the two roles – and also the master of the effects pedal, whenever it might be needed.

But it’s worse than you might think. Graham, our bassist, has also been known to pick up a six-stringed instrument on occasion, and Andy, our drummer, is involved in at least one other band where he’s actually down the front with a guitar in his hand. (Horribly multi-talented chap and a nice guy to boot. What can you do?)

This can lead to some lengthy discussions in rehearsals, from time to time, about the best guitar for the job; the preferred variety of amplifier; the merits of one instrument over another… they go over my head, I have to admit. (I tried to play both guitar and bass in my youth and had no talent for them at all.)

While you can’t share the in-rehearsal discussion – we are not yet intending to make rehearsal recordings or live streaming available… – you do at least have the opportunity to see a little of the flavour of it. Joe blogs about his guitar habit and some of the nicer pieces of gear he’s run across at Take a look… and if any of you have shiny guitar-related kit going spare, I’m sure he’d be delighted to take it off your hands and write about it. 

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