People do wonder why we cover Britney Spears. Let’s face it, we’re not your typical Britney fans…

It all started towards the end of last year, when a friend of mine (hi Joel!), knowing my penchant for somewhat dodgy cover versions, pointed me at an entire album of Britney Spears covers. This may sound like hell on earth to you, but the first one I happened to listen to was the Black Ingvars’ cover of “Hit Me Baby One More Time“. It’s faster than the original; it’s rockier, and it’s just our sort of thing.

I sent it out to the rest of the band, waiting for the howls of derision, and somewhat to my surprise there weren’t any…

We first performed it at our gig at Bar XLR at the end of February 2012, without giving anyone too much of a heads-up, and it went just the way I’d hoped; we broke several people, and the looks on some faces when they realised what we were playing were just perfect.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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