First gig?

It’s been a while, for most of Feature Creep’s members, since our first gig as performers. But how about that all-important first gig as an audience member? … let’s find out.

  • Andy: AC-DC at Docklands.

  • Graham: 1979, Hammersmith Odeon, Gary Numan (supported by OMD)

  • Joe: I have no idea. I am too old to remember [editor's note: no, Joe is not the oldest in the band...] and have drunk too much over the years to be capable of going back that far.

  • Sheila: The first gig I ever went to was not just a gig….it was a festival. It was the Weeley Festival, near Clacton in 1971, and I went with my mate Fran. I was very young at the time – how my parents let us go by ourselves I still don’t understand – normally they were so protective. Check it out:

    In those days they didn’t clear out the arena at night – you just got there on the first evening, sat down in a spot….and there you stayed for the three days (in the same clothes….euwww). At night we just got into our sleeping bags – we didn’t bring tents….tents were for wimps! – fortunately it didn’t rain too much. I’d never slept away from home before (apart from Girl Guide camping), so it was an unbelievable experience. The toilets, or “Chicks’ Bogs” as they were known, made today’s Reading Festival loos look like The Ritz.

  • Vernon: Rolling Stones, Earl’s Court, May 1976. Taken by my older brother. My school teacher Miss Watts refused to believe me when I told her who I’d seen the previous night.

  • Mel: Madness, Hammersmith Odeon, sometime in early 1983. Supported by the JoBoxers. Ace gig — not that long after the Rise and Fall album came out, though, and some of the stuff on there didn’t work as well live (audience got a bit restive in places)

More gig-related reminiscences to come over the next few weeks…


  1. Andy

    Pretty decent line up at the Weeley Festival! Van der Graaf generator!

  2. JoBoxers, Mel. I was in a band in the early 80s and supported them when I was about 21. Happy days.

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