And the worst gig…

The next in our occasional series finding out about Feature Creep’s members’ most significant gigs…

This time around we asked about the worst gigs they ever went to:

  • Joe: One of my own. In my head I know what I should sound like and I’m not there yet. One day. It gives me something to strive for.

  • Andy: Bob Dylan at The O2 – terrible venue, and a deliberately obtuse performer.

  • Sheila: Probably The Rolling Stones in Passaic, New Jersey, June 1978. I only got tickets to this because I was working in the music biz in NYC at the time. Now, don’t misunderstand….the Stones were not BAD – in fact it was quite a competent performance….BUT it just lacked the something extra that I would expect from “the best rock ‘n roll band in the world”.

  • Vernon: A tie between 1. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Earl’s Court – in the mid-noughties. Sounded like an industrial waste disposal unit on the blink. Went to pub and put them on the Juke Box. 2. Ryan Adams at Palladium this year. All a bit miserable. Went to pub and didn’t put him on the Juke Box.

  • Graham: Green Day at the O2, 2010. Most boring were Squeeze.

  • Mel: Tricky. There was the Summer of 1984 gig at Wembley Stadium (no prizes for guessing when that was) when my friends and I turned up to find that Paul Young had been replaced by Big Country. There was the Iron Maiden gig a few years back at Earl’s Court which had bloody appalling sound and also featured them playing the entirety of their then-new album — which wouldn’t have been so bad if we’d known about it first. But I think pride of place must go to Guns’n'Roses at Wembley Arena a few years back… we got there and found that my beloved other half had managed to leave the tickets at home. Then everything was running late — G&R eventually took the stage at something like 2315. We eventually bailed at something like 0045 when Axl decided to cover Sailing (the Rod Stewart song) and then missed our last useful train back into town. At least we managed to get refunds on both sets of tickets…

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