Feature Creep’s Favourites…

… favourite gigs, that is. Following on from our recent survey of the first gigs the band attended, the next question was: which was your favourite gig?

  • Sheila: This has to be a dead heat, between The Who at The Oval, 1971, http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/goodbye-summer-1971.html — not a bad lineup, huh? — and Green Day at Wembley Stadium, June 2010. Although nearly forty years elapsed between these two gigs, it just goes to show that when a band gets it right, they get it right! Great performances, energy, charismatic stage presence and amazing sound and light shows. For me no other band has ever come anywhere close to the heights that The Who reached in their heyday, and that GD still achieve now.

  • Vernon: Faith No More, Brixton Academy, April 1990. The Real Thing tour (remains favourite album of all time). Gig became the legendary You Fat Bastards video and live CD. Sustained major self-inflicted nose injury during mosh to Out of Nowhere.

  • Andy: Morrissey at Brighton [ed: Andy is not usually a man of this few words, but I did ask him these questions during a very busy time for him...]

  • Graham: 1988, Wembley Stadium, Michael Jackson’s Bad Tour was the best performance.

  • Joe: So many were good. But one that sticks out as momentous was Led Zeppelin at Knebworth 1979. I slept overnight on the pavement in Shaftesbury Avenue when I was about 17 to get tickets and had to visit an alley every now and them to vomit because I was suffering from a ruptured appendix.

  • Mel: It’s a dead heat between Live Aid, for the atmosphere — the only thing that’s ever surpassed it was Friday’s little show and I’m not counting that! — and U2 at the Astoria in early 2001. They were playing a warm-up gig for their next tour and it was possible to win tickets through their website… you think the Glastonbury site is painfully slow on booking day, U2′s was bloody glacial (and this was over eleven years ago, so not everyone was online yet). I spent the gig on the front row, staring up Adam Clayton’s nose.

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