A night to remember – Indigo2, 10th December 2012

“Just wanted to let you know that I thought your set on Monday night sounded great — the venue was fantastic for you guys.”

“Great show last night, well done to you and the band, really enjoyed it.”

“Bloody hell, that was awesome.”

Well, what a night that was….!

On Monday night, Transport for London threw a party for 1500 of their staff to celebrate their work in keeping the transport system running during the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. Feature Creep were very pleased to be invited to provide some of the entertainment — not only is it not every day we get to play the Indigo2, we also don’t always have Boris Johnson as our warmup man ;)

The Indigo2 staff (and the TfL people who were organising the event) were wonderfully helpful, and we’d like to thank all of them for that.

And we’re pretty sure everyone had a good time — at least from the photo evidence (and we’re hoping for some videos, too), and the people who were dancing and singing in the audience. We were lucky enough to be able to bring some friends and family with us to help us enjoy it, as well.

Topping this one’s going to be tricky. But hey, 2013′s nearly upon us, we’ll see what we can do…!

We’ve been mentioned in the Evening Standard (although we aren’t actually a “staff band” — we just happen to have one member who works for TfL), and TfL’s Flickr stream also has some photos of the event. And we have some photos as well, as you might expect:

From the soundcheck and before the gig:

During the set:


(And no, TfL don’t provide stretch limos home… more’s the pity ;) ]


  1. Sabine und Juergen

    Hi! Gut gemacht, well done, bravo! Congratulations, we are now looking forward to a gig in Berlin’s O2-World in 2013.

  2. Julez

    One word…AWESOME!!!

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