Big gigs!

How can it possibly be December already? Where did 2012 go? But at least we have a couple of large gigs to finish off with.

First of all, we’re playing a charity gig this evening (Tuesday 4th) at the London Transport Museum up in Covent Garden. Some of you may remember hearing about an earlier run of this, back in June — that one was so much fun that we agreed to do it again (… it didn’t take much persuasion). Very much looking forward to it; we’re particularly grateful to our stand-in drummer Neil, since Andy wasn’t able to make this one.

Next week is the big one: we’re taking a little trip up to North Greenwich. Not for the _really_ big stage up there, but we are playing the Indigo2 on Monday evening [chalk that up on the list of "things I never thought I'd write..." -- Mel]. Unfortunately it’s for a private function so we can’t have all of you there — much though we’d like to! — but you can rest assured there will be photos and video and excited babbling about that one after the fact. Possibly for quite some while after the fact ;)

After that we’ll be having a bit of a rest over Christmas and the New Year. We aren’t doing the Realistic Rock night at Bar XLR this month because it’s the Remastered showcase and they’ve decided to have the younger bands as the warmup for that. Mel will, however, be banging the drums at the back for some of the Remastered Tuesday set and you may well find one or two other members of Feature Creep coming down to support… feel free to seek them out and buy them a drink. (They may even be wearing one of the shiny new band T-shirts which have just arrived!)

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