Gigs for June

I don’t think any of us can believe we’re almost into June already — especially not when we look at the weather, which is often trying to do a really good impression of February at the moment. Perhaps November. But anyway…

We’ve two gigs booked for June at the moment; the first is a week today, Wednesday 5th June, at the regular Realistic Rock band night at Bar XLR in Epsom. Those of you who’ve been there before will know it as a great night out, with all ages welcome so long as the under-18s are accompanied. There’ll be some new stuff on offer from us — at least one song you won’t have heard before, and of course it is our new drummer Chris’s first time out with us too. We should be on stage around 2130.

Next up is Friday 21st June at the Grey Horse in Kingston. This is another multiple-band show and we’re expecting to be on stage round around 2045 as things stand at the moment. The bill involves us, The New North, The Cottonnettes and Said Panda. Admission for that one is £5, or £4 with a flyer, and there’ll be flyers available from this site nearer the time.

Looking further onwards, we’re attempting to organise at least one thing for July; watch out also for events happening in the first week of September, and on Friday October 11th, of which more later… and, of course, if you think your pub, venue or event would be improved by a touch of Feature Creep (and really, what event wouldn’t?) then do get in touch!

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