That was damp….

Next time we do an outdoor gig, I think we’ll just rehearse Singing In The Rain, Have You Ever Seen The Rain? and so on beforehand… ’cause then it’ll doubtless be sunny ;)

The Epsom Music Festival finale took place yesterday afternoon in the Marketplace… and the sun finally decided to make an appearance at, oh, 4.25pm or thereabouts (our set finished at 4.20). Ah well. Our audience mostly managed to take shelter, and I’m sure the sight of me attempting to sing from under an umbrella was at least slightly amusing — I gave up after one song and decided getting wet wasn’t really that much of a problem, and how much current goes down a mic cable anyway…

Thanks to those of you who came out! The Festival itself raised over £440 for the Mayor’s charities, £300 of which came from yesterday’s event.

Same time next year?

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