Fight the Tide Battle of the Bands, 28th September 2019

We had a nice evening alongside many other local bands at the Fight the Tide Battle of the Bands contest, held at Cheam Sports Club on Saturday 28th September. Each band performed three songs, of which one had to be an adaptation of a nursery rhyme… which produced a wide variety of results, as you might expect. (We went for a 12-bar-blues-tinged version of Mary Had A Little Lamb!)

We were lucky enough to win the “Audience Interaction” award — which possibly should have been titled “Audience Intimidation“! — and were awarded a tour of the Fullers’ brewery over in Chiswick, donated by a local pub. This is perhaps the most on-brand thing we could possibly have won…

Some photos below, with the usual caveats about lack of light and not wanting to tread on the audience! The function room at Cheam Sports Club holds 100 people and the event itself was sold out.

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