Bar XLR, Friday 23rd May 2014

We’ve now nailed down the details for this gig!

  • First up will be new boys Modlife Crisis;
  • Following them will be Guildford favourites Almost Famous, making their Bar XLR debut;
  • And rounding off the evening will be us, the lovely and talented (*cough* ;) ) Feature Creep!

Things will be getting started at around 2030 and finishing at 2330 or a little after. Bar XLR is at 79 East St in Epsom — there’s parking round the back of the venue or on some of the nearby side-streets, several buses run along East Street and it is about a 15-minute walk from Epsom Station (although note that the event will be finishing after the last trains back into London, we regret).

We’d love to see plenty of people down there — come along and start your Bank Holiday weekend off right!

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