Realistic Music Academy night, Native Tongue, 26th February 2014

We’re back at the Realistic Music Academy band night this coming Wednesday, 26th February. This time around it’s being held at Native Tongue in central Epsom — some of you may remember it from our gig there last month… and be preparing for our gig there next month!

Things are likely to get started at around 8pm; we don’t know what time we’ll be on yet but will update here when we have that information.

Native Tongue is about three minutes from Epsom station and there is car parking close by in an NCP car park. Things are likely to be wrapping up by 11pm so anyone needing to get a train towards London will still be in time for that.

You may note a new face on the stage with us! Our bassist Graham is not available for our gig on 15th March so Chris Rosam, another very talented chap (where do we find them all?) has agreed to step in for this gig and for next month’s. Thanks, Chris!

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